Greg Murphy:You Remind Me

Nancy(With The Laughing Face)


Frank Sinatra-Platinum 70  

Love and Marriage, Love Is The Tender Trap, All The Way,
Come Fly With Me, All My Tomorrow’s, Here’s That Rainy Day,
High Hopes, A Hole In The Head  

Buddy Rich-Trios  

Like Someone In Love, Here’s That Rainy Day 

Steve Smith-Vital Information  

Darn That Dream 

Steven Feifke-Catalyst 

It Could Happen To You

Kane Kalas-High Hopes 

High Hopes

Chet Baker-Blue Room 

Oh! You Crazy Moon 

Jan Cronin-I Thought About You
I Thought About You 

Rickie Lee Jones-Pieces of Treasure

All The Way, Here’s That Rainy Day

Francesca Bertazzo Hart-Playing With Jimmy

I Thought About You, Like Someone In Love, Come Fly With Me,
Here’s That Rainy Day, Darn That Dream, All The Way, It Could Happen To You, 
Second Time Around, All My Tomorrow’s, But Beautiful, Call Me Irresponsible , 


Celia Berk-Now That I Have Everything

How Are Ya’Fixed For Love? 

Day By Day-Dan Olivo

All The Way

The Off Off Broadway to Synergism-Tyshwan Sorry

It Could Happen To You 

Inter-Musical Love Letter-Eva Kess

But Beautiful

Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra

Come Fly With Me, Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 

Come Fly Wid Mi-Shaggy

Come Fly With Me 

Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section(Remastered)


Tommy Dorsey: The Hits Collection-1935-1958

Oh You Crazy Moon, Imagination, All This and Heaven Too,
Sleigh Ride In July, Aren’t You Glad  You’re You?


Samara Joy-Samara Joy

But Beautiful 

Dexter Gordon-One Flight Up

Darn That Dream 

Frank Sinatra-Reprise Rarities Volume 3

The Last Dance, The Second Time Around, Empty Tables 

Noah Haidu-Slowly:Song For Keith Jarrett

But Beautiful 

Mandy Barnett-Every Star Above(release May 7, 2021)

But Beautiful 

Veronica Swift-This Bitter Earth

Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong

John Coltrane-Lush Life Small Batch Series

Like Someone In Love 

Frank Sinatra-Reprise Rarities Volume 2

Barbara, Nancy, Star, Tina 


Darn That Dream

Emmet Cohen-Second Time Around

Second Time Around 


Frank Sinatra-Reprise Rarities Volume 1

Come Fly With Me, Come Waltz With Me, Name It and It’s Yours 


My Kind Of Town(Detroit Is)

M.Ward-Think Of Spring

All The Way, But Beautiful

Diana Krall-This Dream Of You

But Beautiful  

Barbara Lewis-Don’t Forget About Me

I’ll  Only Think Of Him When I Miss Him 

The Andrew Sisters-In Hollywood

You Don’t Have To Know The Language

Loudon Wainwright With Vince Giordano-
I’d Rather Lead A Band

I Thought About About You 

Seth McFarlane-Great Songs from Stage and Screen

Let’s Not Be Sensible, Ain’t Got A Dime To My Name

Alison Neale-Quietly There

Darn That Dream

Burna Boy-Level Up(Twice as Tall Sample)

Twice as Tall 

Peggy Lee -The Capitol Transcription Years

Aren’t You Glad You’re You, But Beautiful ,Imagination,
Oh! You Crazy Moon, Swinging On A Star

Beegie Adair-Collection

But Beautiful , Polka Dots and Moonbeams 

Tommy Flanagan-Flanagan’s Shenanigans-

But Beautiful 

Chet Baker Sings

It”s Always You, Like Someone In Love 

Josephine Beavers:Prime Time

But Beautiful


Nat King Cole-Hittin’ The Ramp: The Early Years (1936-1943)
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?

Hendrik Meurkins-Cobbs Pocket

Polka Dots and Moonbeams 

Chick Corea -Trilogy2
But Beautiful 

We Like Ike-100th Birthday Tribute to Jazz Guitar Legend Ike Issacs
Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Darn That Dream , Here’s That Rainy Day, 

My Way: Frank Sinatra-50th Anniversary
All My Tomorrow’s 

Gretje Angell-In Any Key
Deep In A Dream 

Jazzmeia Horn:Love and Liberation
I Thought About You 

Eliane Elisas:Love Stories
Come Fly WIth Me 

David Finck: BASSically Jazz
All My Tomorrow’s 

Getz at the Gate: The Stan Getz Quartet Live at the Village Green
Shake Down The Stars 

Catherine Russell-Alone Together
Shake Down The Stars 

Trisha Yearwood-Let’s Be Frank
All The Way, Come Fly With Me 

Rob Dixon Trio-Coast To Crossroads
It Could Happen To You 


Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Soundtrack

How Are Ya’ Fixed For Love?

Frank Sinatra-Sings For Only The Lonely 60th Anniversary
717xQqhC7RL._SX522_ 2
Only The Lonely

Shirley Horn With Friends
Come Dance WIth Me 

Cyrus Chestnut-Kaleidoscope
Darn That Dream 

Norm Drubner-Norm Sings Chet Baker
61lOQtDMsuL._SS500 2
It Could Happen To You, Like Someone In Love 

Frank Sinatra-Standing Room Only
CD1-Come Fly With Me, The September of My Years, My Kind of Town
CD2- My Kind of Town

Hank Jones In Copenhagen
It Could Happen To  You 

Lester Young Carnegie Blues Jazz At The Philharmonic
Polka Dots and Moonbeams 

Vinny Raniolo-Air Guitar
Come Fly With Me

Wes Montgomery- In Paris The Definitrive ORTF Recording
Here’s That Rainy Day


Ella Fitzgerald-Ella at Zardis
The Tender Trap(Love Is)

Frank Sinatra-Ultimate Christmas
An Old Fashioned Christmas, Bells of Christmas, I Wouldn’t Trade Christmas,
The Twelve Days of Christmas

Katie Eagleton-That Christmas Feeling
That Christmas Feeling

Katharine McPhee-I Fall In Love Too Easily
All The Way

Sammy Davis Jr. -The Marty Paich Sessions
Come On Strong, Love Is The Tender Trap 

Bob Mundy-Love To Me
But Beautiful 

Gregory Porter-Nat King Cole and Me
 But Beautiful(vinyl release version)

Seth McFarlane-In Full Swing
Like Someone In Love, But Beautiful, Moonlight Becomes You,
You Can’t Love Em’ All  

Melissa Manchester-The Fellas
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head? 

Frank Sinatra/Live From Caesers Palace-The First 40 Years
My Kind of Town, All The Way 

Frank Sinatra/The Royal Festival Hall-Live at Carnegie Hall
Imagination, The Second Time Around, All The Way, 
Nancy, Come Fly With Me, 

Frank Sinatra/The Timex Shows(DVD)
High Hopes, Here’s That Rainy Day 

Frank Sinatra: Baby Blue Eyes…May The First Voice
You Hear Be Mine

Pocketful of Miracles, High Hopes 

Diana Krall/Turn Up The Quiet
Like Someone In Love 

Ella Fitzgerald/Ella 100 Songs For A Centennial
Imagination, Moonlight Becomes You 

Bob Dylan/ Triplicate
But Beautiful ,Here’s That Rainy Day
I Could of Told You, Imagination,  
It Gets Lonely Early, September of My Years,
Somewhere Along The Way, There Is A Flaw In My Flue,

Tim Rushlow and His Big Band/Live
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head?

Konrad Paszkudzki Trio/Come Dance With Me(Japan Release)
Pocketful of Miracles, I Thought About You,
The Last Dance, (Love Is) The Tender Trap
All My Tomorow’s, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head?
Darn That Dream, Come Fly With Me,
Swinging On A Star, Imagination,
Polka Dots and Moondbeams, Come Dance With Me,
It’s Nice To Go Traveling ,Ring A Ding Ding!

Tony Bennett/Celebrates 90 Deluxe CD Edition


Frank Sinatra/ World On A String
All The Way, Come Fly With Me,
Imagination,  My Kind Of Town, 
The Second Time Around 

Joe Freel/All This Love
September of My Years 

Margaret Whiting/Dream The Lost Recordings
It’s Anybody’s Spring

Till Bronner/The Good Life
Come Dance With Me 

Steven Davis/ The Way You Look Tonight
Come Fly With Me, Ain’t That A Kick In  The Head 

Daniela Schachter/ VANHEUSENISM
Daniela Schächter ~ Vanheusenism[1]
Here’s That Rainy Day, Darn That Dream,
Come Fly With Me,Like Someone In Love,
 Imagination, The Second Time Around,
All The Way, PolkDots and Moonbeams,
It Could Happen To You,Call Me Irresponsible
 But Beautiful, I Thought About You 

Neil MCCoy/You Don’t Know Me
All My Tommorow’s, Second Time Around 

Bill Evans/Some Other Time
It Could Happen To You 

Bob Dylan/Fallen Angels
All The Way, Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Sarah Vaughan/Live at Rosy’s
Like Someone In Love 


Barbara Fasano/Busy Being Free
But Beautiful 

Norm Drubner/The Rainbow Connection
I Thought About You 

Cynthia Crane/Cynthia Crane Loves Sinatra
When No One Cares/Only The Lonely 

Dane Vannatter/Give Me Something Real
But Beautiful

Peter Andre/Come Fly With Me
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head, Come Fly With Me 

Seth McFarlane/No One Ever Tells You
I’ll Only Think Of Her When I Miss Her, Only The Lonely 

Herb Alpert/Come Fly With Me
Come Fly With Me 

Irrational Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-Jimmy Bruno Trio
Darn That Dream

Barbara Levy Daniels /Come Dance With Me
A Tribute To Jimmy Van Heusen
The Second Time Around,I Thought About You,
Come Dance With Me,Like Someone In Love,
The Tender Trap,All The Way, 

 But Beautiful,Here’s That Rainy Day,
All My Tommorows, Imagination

 Oh You Crazy Moon,Darn That Dream,

Jose’ James/Yesterday I Had The Blues
The Music Of Billie Holiday
I Thought About You 

Frank Sinatra/Ultimate Sinatra
Cd – Nancy,  All The Way, Come Fly With Me,
My Kind of Town,

2 LP /vinyl- Nancy,Love and Marriage, Come Fly With Me,
My Kind of Town,

4 CD-Nancy, Love and Marriage, Love Is The Tender Trap,
All The Way, Come Fly With Me, Only The Lonely,

Come Dance With Me,Here’s That Rainy Day,
High Hopes, The Second Time Around,
My Kind of Town, September Of My Years,
All My Tomorrows

Sue Raney/Late In Life
The Second Time Around 


Sinatra/London Box Set
Imagination,All The Way,Nancy,Come Fly With Me, My Kind of Town

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga /Cheek To Cheek(2015 Grammy Winner
Top Traditional Vocal Album)
But Beautiful

Richard Elliott/Desire
All The Way

Lena Horne/Lena On The Blue Side
Darn That Dream 

Julia Goodwin/Feeling Good
Darn That Dream

Diane Schuur/I Remember You
Here’s That Rainy Day, The Second Time Around

Nick Ziobro/A Lot of Livin’ To Do
Here’s That Rainy Day

Sinatra With Love
Product Details
Moonlight Becomes You, It Could Happen To You, Love Is The Tender Trap


The Rat Pack/Icon
Product Details
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Frank Sinatra/Duets
Duets (2CD - 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
All The Way, Come Fly With Me, My Kind of Town

Glenn Campbell /Icon Christmas

Christmas Is For Children

Frank Sinatra/Icon
Product Details
All The Way, Come Fly With Me

Joshua Bell/Musical Gifts from Joshua Bell and Friends
Musical Gifts from Joshua Bell and Friends
The Secret of Christmas

Eliane Elias/I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker

I Thought About You

Steve Tryell/ The Songs of Sammy Cahn

Come Fly With Me, The Tender Trap, All The Way,
Second Time Around, Call Me Irresponsible,

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Michael Buble/To Be Loved
Product Details
Come Dance With Me 

Beegie Adiar/A Time For Love
Product Details
Polk Dots and Moonbeams, It Could Happen To You, But Beautiful


Kurt Elling/1619  Broadway
1619 Broadway: The Brill Building Project
Come Fly With Me 

Luciana Souza/Book of Chet
Book of Chet
Oh You Crazy Moon

Tony Bennett/Isn’t It Romantic
Isn't It Romantic?
But Beautiful 

Susie Ariola /All The Way
All the Way
All The Way, Here’s That Rainy Day 

Chick Corea/Further Expolorations
Further Explorations
But Beautiful 

Wes Montgormery/Echoes
Echoes of Indiana Avenue
Darn That Dream

The Michael Tren Big Band/Boy’s Night Outs
The Michael Treni Big Band - Boy's Night Out
Here’s That Rainy Day 


Sinatra/Best Of The Best

Love and Marriage, All The Way, Come Fly With Me, My Kind Of Town, The Tender Trap(Deluxe Version)

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr/Thats Life

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Davi Sings Sinatra/On The Road To Romance

All The Way

Seth MacFarlane/Music Is Better Than Words
It’s Anybody Spring, Love Won’t Let You Get Away

Harry Connick Jr / Concert On Broadway

All The Way

Dionne Warwick / Only Trust Your Heart

Second Time Around, Pocket Full Of Miracles

Monty Alexander / Uplift

Come Fly With Me

Carl Bartlett Jr / Hopeful

It Could Happen To You


The Very Best Of The Rat Pack

Come Fly With Me, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head, Ring A Ding Ding, Eee O Eleven

Bing Crosby / Bing Sings the Sinatra Songbook

All The Way, High Hopes, Imagination, Love And Marriage, The Tender Trap

Liza Minelli / Confessions

All The Way

Atruro Sandoval / A Time For Love

All The Way

Vijay Iyer / Solo

Darn That Dream

Come Fly Away Broadway Theatre Release

Moonlight Becomes You, The September Of My Years

Barry Manilow / The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time

It Could Happen To You


Dean Martin / Amore

Heaven Can Wait

Ella Fitzgerald / Twelve Nights In Hollywood


Christmas with Sinatra and Friends

An Old Fashioned Christmas

The Bing Crosby CBS Radio Recordings 1954-56

The Tender Trap

Frank Sinatra / New York

All The Way, My Kind Of Town, Come Fly With Me

Barbara Streisand / Love Is The Answer

Here’s That Rainy Day

Harry Connick Jr / Your Songs

All The Way

Michael Buble’ Meets Madison Square Garden(2010 Grammy Best Traditional Vocal Album)

Come Fly With Me (DVD), Call Me Irresponsible (CD)

Kurt Elling / Dedicated To You

“Nancy” With the Laughing Face

Frank Sinatra / Classic Sinatra II

Love and Marriage, Love Is The Tender Trap, I Thought About You, High Hopes,
Here’s That Rainy Day

Frank Sinatra / Seduction: Sinatra Sings of Love

All The Way, Second Time Around
Bonus Tracks: I Like To Lead When I Dance, Look Of Love

Frank Sinatra / My Way – Re mastered

All My Tomorrows

Frank Sinatra / Live At The Meadowlands – Re mastered

Overture: Nancy, High Hopes, My Kind of Town, All The Way


Natalie Cole / Still Unforgettable(2009 Grammy Best Traditional
Pop Vocal Album)

But Beautiful, Here’s That Rainy Day

Michael Feinstein / The Sinatra Project

All My Tomorrow’s, All The Way

Frank Sinatra / Nothing But The Best

Come Fly With Me, Call Me Irresponsible, My Kind Of Town, All My Tommorow’s

Dianna Krall / From This Moment On

It Could Happen To  You, Come Dance With Me

Frank Sinatra / Sinatra At The Movies

Love Is The Tender Trap, All The Way, Not As A Stranger, To Love and be Loved


Celine Dion / A New Day (CD/DVD Combo)

All The Way

Michael Buble’ / Call Me Irresponsible(2008 Grammy Best Traditional Vocal Album)

Call Me Irresponsible

Dean Martin / Forever Cool

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Count Basie At Newport

Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Very Best Of Pearl Bailey

Call Me Irresponsible,Like Someone In Love, Second Time Around, Deep In A Dream, Personality, Swinging On A Star, Come Fly With Me